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Aiden Engineering is an engineering company in Nepal. We mainly look after Construction, Interior Design, and product design in Nepal. We also provide Design for clients all over the world.

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How the journey began

We began our journey with a broad plan to manufacture user- friendly and customized products in Nepal. Some of our major products and services include automated bed for the hospitals, old age home and differently abled people, mobile theatre for theatre houses, smart table and many more. After the massive destruction caused by earthquake in 2072, we entered into the construction sector by building prefabricated and modular houses, so as to provide strong roof to those who want to avoid such circumstances in the future, focusing on personal houses, schools, health posts, etc. This action made people aware about the advantages of prefab home – light- weight, cost efficient construction, eco-friendly, etc and the early precautions to be taken for such natural calamities. Moving ahead, we added interior designing part to complete the puzzle and provide complete home solution to our clients.


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