Sleep Vastu Shastra

Remember the last time you had to restart your computer to get rid of some problem it was having ? It could be the same with your mobile phone or automobiles like your bike or car as well as more complex equipment like an aircraft. A system reset is thus considered the first remedy to avoid such problems. A good sound sleep is the same system restart a human body needs to get rid of small or discomfort. Having a little headache, stomach ache, dizziness, exhaustion,etc will always have sleep as its first remedial trial and its overwhelming success is a little hint to how much our body needs a sound sleep.

Vastu shastra is a traditional concept associated with bringing balance between the different elements element that surround us and using that positive energy to benefit humans. Vastu effects every part of the buildings that we call home or office. The bedroom which is the idle location for a good sound sleep and it too is guided by different laws of vastu shastra.

The most basic guidelines are based on the direction towards which your bed is faced or how you lie when you sleep:-

Head in East direction: This way of sleeping is considered to assist in growth of one’s memory and concentration as well as help in retention power of brain and promotes good health. Vastu primarily advises students to sleep with their heads towards east citing the benefits fitting their need.

Head in West direction: Sleeping with head in west direction is also well advised by Vastu given its benefits that includes elevation in reputation, fame as well as prosperity.


Head in North direction: Sleeping with head pointed towards north is the least recommended sleeping position as per vastu shastra. It is because it is connected to increased pressure in brain and triggering insomnia due to magnetic repulsion. It is thus connected with experiencing of higher cholesterol and other different major sickness. Thus Vastu strictly recommends to strictly resist sleeping with head towards north direction.

Head in South direction: Pointing towards south while sleeping is also considered a very good position to sleep and some even consider it to be the best of the lot. It enhances the quality of sleep alongside helping the person to amass positive energy and attract happiness, wealth and prosperity. This is found to be somewhat contradicting for people in southern hemisphere who are suggested to avoid sleeping with head in south direction.