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The right ingredients of Colors In 2020 for Interior Design

One of the important factors in interior design is color selection. We need to understand the psychological effects of the color and the mood it sets for various interior parts. Although it is up to an individual designer to choose the color schemes, there are certain standard rules and guidelines that need to be followed before choosing any color type for the project. Many people think that only the color on the walls of the room is sufficient but colors of the accessories, furniture, furnishings, and even lighting play a vital role in the entire design. Purpose of the color… Read More

Best Interior Design for your Room in 2020

WHY NOT REDESIGN YOUR ROOM! Interior design has never been made so affordable and easy to access in Nepal. While we are in a lockdown, why not rearrange our very own room that we stay in. Aiden Engineering is here for you to do some basic renovation. 1. Photo of the room you want to redesign 2. Tell us the North point of your room i.e. where is it facing. 3. Tell us what you want from the interior design team. COST: A. BASIC RENOVATION ACCORDING TO VASTU – FREERenovation of the room where we will suggest the location of… Read More