The right ingredients of Colors In 2020 for Interior Design

One of the important factors in interior design is color selection. We need to understand the psychological effects of the color and the mood it sets for various interior parts. Although it is up to an individual designer to choose the color schemes, there are certain standard rules and guidelines that need to be followed before choosing any color type for the project. Many people think that only the color on the walls of the room is sufficient but colors of the accessories, furniture, furnishings, and even lighting play a vital role in the entire design.

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Purpose of the color

  1. Hide Mistakes: Every designer would like to work in well-constructed and well-maintained spaces but in reality, there might be some construction flaws like irregular walls, wrong positioning of windows, hidden structural elements etc. Hence judicious application of colors can divert the eye away from many problems. Well chosen color palette can improve the looks of improper rooms as well.
  2. Room Size: Selection of right color can make a space appear bigger or smaller than it really is. In general light colors make the room appear airier, brighter and larger while dark colors give the impression that objects are smaller than they really are. Dark colors often shrink the room and is sometimes helpful to make the rooms cozier. Light colors can be used to decorate the room which are deprived of natural lights. Hence the selection of colors can make the room appear smaller or larger when needed.
  3. Setting up Mood: The color of the space can trigger a particular mood for the people using the space. The psychology of the color has been studied extensively and we know that the color of room plays important role in setting the mood of the user.
  4. Style or Theme: It is possible to create the certain style using the particular color schemes. If the owner wants classic look or modern look of a room then the type of color used in classic era or modern era can give desired look to the space. For example, in Nepal reddish brown color that resembles the brick can give classical look to the space.
  5. Focus Point: Selection of colors can provide focal point in the room. It is possible to make the background fairly neutral and make some elements catch the observer’s eye. This technique can be used to highlight an interesting or valuable objects or furniture. Sometimes good artwork can be focused by proper selection of color. Overloading of too many bright colors should be avoided that can distract the focus.

Psychology of Color

Certain colors have a common meaning in art and design as well. Colors have a quality that causes certain emotions in people. Color psychology is the study of how color affects a person’s perception and behavior. Hence selection of particular colors will affect the behavior and mood of people that use the space. We shall see in detail about the different types of color and their psychological effect on people.


Usually white color is associated with cleanliness, religiosity and purity. It is also associated with new beginning and clinical procedures. True white is striking, reflecting enough lights and adding sense of a space to the surrounding environment. White space feels fresh and uplifting for some people whereas some don’t like it.


Blue color is generally taken as calm color having properties that promote psychological strength and stability. Blue is perceived as masculine color in cultural values so it can be used to paint rooms for boys or gents. It has positive effect on people and is a popular choice for bathrooms, as it carries connotations with cleanliness, water and sea. Warmer shades of blue can be used in bedrooms as it encourages the mind to settle and calm.


Pink color carries connotations of romance, daintiness and an old-fashioned gentleness. It can create soothing interiors without appearing too cold. For long period of time pink is taken as girly color and is often chosen for girls’ nurseries and bedrooms.


Grey is a neutral color that can be used with any other color or with neutral tones. It can create sophisticated atmosphere when used in large quantity but can appear too cool when unaccompanied by brighter color. A light shade of gray has ability to make the room look larger while dark shade makes the room look smaller and cozy. Hence proper selection of shades of gray is very essential while choosing color for the room.


Although the black is associated with wealth and sophistication, copious amounts of black should be avoided. Black color is also linked with Gothic subculture and death in popular culture around the world. Black color is unlikely to have an uplifting effect for people so it can be used in a limited way in certain feature walls or selected accessories. Use of black with white can be effective in some cases.


Red is the color that is associated with fire, passion, danger and strength. This is a bold color excites and stimulates. It gives the warmth feeling and can also make people energetic. Too much application of red color should be avoided because it can be over-stimulating in the home.


Yellow is the color of warmth and wisdom. It can be very attractive to the eyes so careful use of this color is maintained. This color is also associated with prosperity, sympathy and cowardice. Any room colored with yellow color can look cheerful, friendly and airy. To control its over-stimulating look we should avoid its large use.

Colors Based on Vastu Shastra

People in Nepal usually wish to apply some aspects of Vastu Shastra in their home during construction. Not only direction and location of rooms but also colors can be chosen according to vastu shastra. Here are some tips for the selection of colors for your room.

Color-based on direction as per Vastu:


North east direction of a home can be painted with light blue color. You can also go for lighter shades of blue in this part.


East direction can be painted with white or light blue.


This direction is associated with  fire (Agni), so the colors like  orange, pink and silver can be used to enhance the energy.


In the rooms in north direction, the colors like  green, pista green or shades of green  will be more effective.


 As this area is related to air (Vayu), so white, light grey and cream are the best colors to paint.


 This direction  is the place of  water (Varun), hence  the best colors for this area are blue or white.


 For the south-west direction of home colors like peach, mud colour, biscuit colour or light brown can be used.


For south direction of home, red and yellow colors can be used.

Room colors as per Vastu

Each section of the house should be colored according to the energy requirement, size, and direction. Color can be selected as per the room’s usage. The following tips can be helpful to chose the room color as per Vastu.

Master bedroom

 The master bedroom should be in a south-west direction and  should be painted with blue colour or any shades of blue.

Guest room:

 North-west direction  is the best place for the guest room or drawing room and hence, a guest room  should be painted with white colour.

Kids’ room:

 The best place for rooms for children who are grown up and go out for study purposes is north-west. As the north-west direction is governed by the moon, children’s rooms in this direction should be painted with white colour or light color.


 The south-east zone is ideal for kitchens as this direction is governed by Agni I.e. fire so the walls of the kitchen should be painted with orange or red colour which will provide positive energy in the kitchen.


 North-west direction is best place for bathroom and toilets. The bathroom should be painted with white colour as white is associated with clarity and cleanliness.

Living Hall:

The living room  should be in the north-east or north-west direction and  should be painted with yellow or white colors.

Hence, different colors and its shade can be  used in different section of house depending upon the need and looks. Although color selection depends upon owners perspective or choice, above tips can be very helpful to make your room aesthetically beautiful and get positive energy for people that occupies the space.


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