Best Construction Company in Nepal, 2020


Construction Companies in Nepal

As Nepal is developing country construction is the key to the development. Several mega projects are carried out by government in coordination with private construction companies. Beside government projects private construction is also on its peak in Nepal. Many residential buildings, commercial buildings, leisure center, fitness centers, shopping malls etc are being built in major cities of Nepal. There are many construction companies in Nepal among them following are some well known construction companies:

  1. CE Construction
  2. Lama Construction Company
  3. Himalayan Builders and Engineers Pvt Ltd
  4. Nepal Adarsha Nirman Company Pvt Ltd
  5. Kalika Group

But here we shall discuss about the upcoming and trust-able company in Nepal i.e. Aiden Engineering Pvt Ltd.

Aiden Engineering Pvt Ltd was founded in 2014 and has its company running in two major cities Kathmandu and Pokhara. Although the head office is located in Battisputali, Kathmandu it provides its construction services throughout Nepal.  Aiden is a complete engineering firm that provides technical consultation, interior designing, product designing, prefab homes and construction. Aiden has been able to collect clients trust by providing quality construction and services.  “The name you can count on“, Aiden always makes sure that client’s satisfaction is top priority.

Out of many services provided by Aiden, construction is one of the major services. It has a qualified team that provides technical supervision and manages project to complete in time. Also quality remains on top priority during construction. Aiden is upcoming construction company that deals with small projects like prefab homes, addition of rooms, interior design and construction to large projects like residential and commercial buildings, swimming pool, futsal etc. We will discuss about the Aiden’s construction services in detail below:

  • Building Construction:

Construction of building is one of the major services provided by Aiden in Nepal. It deals not only with the construction but also with the designs and cost estimations of building. It has been constructing Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) buildings as well as steel structured buildings. Aiden has experience in commercial building construction, schools and colleges, cafes construction. Construction is well planned and managed so that everything goes according to the plan. Any changes in the designs or factors during construction will be well coordinated with the owner. Designs are approved from the client and its detail drawings are prepared. Foundations, footings, slab, concreting, rebar specifications etc are constructed according the structure analysis report.

Well qualified and experienced site supervisors will be always available to support the working team. Any confusion during construction will be solved by the engineers who visit sites frequently. Aiden’s team works hard to provide better and quality constructions.

Gym Hall and Sauna Steam Building during construction phase
  • Construction of Futsal

Aiden Engineering designs and constructs futsal according to the client requirement. May be it’s a 5 A-Side or 7-A side futsal ground Aiden will makes the construction possible. Nowadays Futsal grounds are becoming major place for fitness and refreshment in major cities of Nepal. Aiden Engineering can be trusted company to design and construct futsal grounds with quality and lower cost.

  • Swimming Pool Construction

Aiden Engineering also designs and construct swimming pool for fitness centers as well as hotels and private owners. Quality and on time construction of swimming pool can be done by Aiden’s engineering team. All the materials used for construction of swimming pool are of great quality and the workmanship is better. Aiden always provides quality services and quality construction for durability of swimming pool.

Construction of Swimming Pool and Changing Rooms
  • Prefab Homes Construction

Aiden Engineering is one of the best companies to deal with prefab rooms and homes. It has constructed several prefab structures in different parts of Kathmandu and Pokhara. Designs are done by the highly qualified designers to satisfy the client’s requirement and the construction team does the work to obtain the quality and required construction. Aiden has highly experienced and qualified workers who make it possible to maintain the quality required.

School construction using prefab board

Aiden deals from small prefab room addition to entire house construction including foundation. Aiden uses quality prefab materials as well as cement boards to construct partitions of buildings. Appropriate ventilations help to circulate the air inside the house and rooms are designed to utilize maximum space for the client.

After the massive Earthquake of 2015 in Nepal, people have started using prefab structure in construction. Prefab structures are suitable in area like Nepal where there is high risk of earthquake because of its light weight. Aiden is the best company to design and construction of prefab homes and structure.

  • Interior Design and Construction

Aiden Engineering has specialized in interior designing of living room, kitchen, bed room, company interiors, institutional space, office, museum etc. Aiden designs not only building’s interior but also furniture products. Interior designing team inputs their creative skills and maintain high standard look in minimum price. Aiden not only design but do the construction as well.

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