House Design

Building a house is everyone’s dream but building a professional looking house is a fantasy. It is a one- time thing for many and we understand the importance of making sure that each detail is acknowledged. It should be up to you to decide what goes where in your house. That’s exactly what we offer. A unique looking design is something you will need to stand apart from other House design in Nepal. Your home is what defines you as a person and it should be up to you to define the design and structure of your home.

It is a great responsibility to do this job right and we are a group of professionals who can turn your dream into reality. With experience and skills, we are more than capable to deliver the kind of house design that you wish for. With quality material and 3D model of your house, we keep in touch with you all the way to define your space before taking the final decision. With the 3D model, imagination will meet reality and customization will be just a work in progress.

Now we understand that this isn’t enough to bring a house design to life. You have to be realistic about your budget too. We help you choose the best possible house design in Nepal that suits your plan and budget. You will be able to save a lot of money with our designers helping you throughout the whole process by selecting unique designs. Whether its minimalist design or contemporary, modern house or apartment designs and more, we guide and advise you in choosing the best one for your needs. Taking care of materials, space planning, shapes and other elements that go into designing a house is our responsibility.

Some popular house design in Nepal currently include:

  • Green Home Design
  • Efficient Living with Small House Design
  • Chic Living with Modern House Design
  • Bungalow Design Homes
  • Walk the Talk with Big House Design

Our experts will help you choose the best interior design as well. We provide an overall design plan for your house so that you can find everything in one place with 100% convenience. We specialize in optimizing texture and materials for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Collaborating with Aiden Engineering will produce an effortless and the best design for your home.

We are just a call away: 01-6207568. Get in touch for discussing your house plans.

Prefab House

Prefab house is a need of the hour. The necessity of these innovative and cost-friendly housing systems have been realized greatly after the massive earthquake in Nepal (25th April 2015). Hundreds of houses and buildings were destroyed completely as a result of the disaster. This event compelled us to find a better and effective alternative solution to the housing system. Conclusively, many organizations, schools, house owners decided that they had to have a Prefab House in Nepal.

The pre-fabricated housing system provides you with features of a standard and comfortable home. In village areas, prefab homes can give a standard look that comes in affordable resources.

How it works is that multiple modules (sections) are assembled to construct a complete home. These prefab houses are reasonable when it comes to designing, assembly, and disassembly. Also, they can be recycled easily. The assembling process doesn’t depend on the weather conditions. Thus, the work efficiency is multiplied and the risk of damage to any building materials is prevented.

A prefab house in Nepal is usually constructed to prevent any damage caused by an earthquake. However, prefab houses also are windproof, waterproof, moisture proof and have high performance in heat preservation and sound insulation. For the main frame of the house, light steel is used which is very reliable and safe. For the roof and wall boards, sandwich panels are used. These give attractive looks and beautiful decorations to the pre-fabricated houses.

We also specialize in custom structures that suit your requirement. Our prefab house design comes in a wide variety of layouts. We can easily help you set up a prefab house, school, halls, buildings, etc.

We provide services in different regions and design prefab houses considering the local resources that are available in these regions. With the same quality, comfort and protection, we can help you with:

  • Wooden prefab home
  • Stone prefab home
  • Bamboo prefab home
  • Gypsum prefab home

Get in touch with us: 01-6207568. We will help you set up the best prefab house that meets your requirements in no time.

Interior Design

Aiden Engineering is a full-service interior design company located in the Kathmandu since 2014, specializing in both residential and commercial design. We understand the difference a professional work can make and we opt to make that difference in your lives and comfort. With amazing and professional interior design in Nepal, we can help you select beautiful, stylish and affordable interiors in no time.

God is in the details and we spare no details when it comes to making your living space pleasing and comfortable. We make sure the components complement each other to bring out the charm. The exterior is an important aspect when it comes to construction but it doesn’t mean that you should dedicate all your resources in the exterior. Without a proper and beautiful interior, a beautiful exterior is just like glancing at a beautiful person with no soul. Rather than filling the exterior or interior with expensive items, furniture, and accessories, we provide a better solution of equivalent resource allocation for both.

Your dream house can become a reality and we help you achieve it. From your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, office, etc. our interior design services expand to all these different rooms. In case your kitchen needs flooring, kitchen cabinets and other sorts of remodeling, we consider your budget and provide an optimum plan that suits your needs. We promote a minimalist living room design, which nowadays is growing popular in the context of interior design in Nepal. Similarly, we have several plans to make your interior stand out in design and speak greatly of your personality and lifestyle.

As per your requirements, we can provide you with a 3D model of how your interior will look like. You will have an option to select existing designs and plan or we can help you with customized designs, either from existing or from scratch. So contact us to browse the plans that fit your style with Aiden Engineering.

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